Fitnes and Spinning centre – AquaCity Poprad Slovakia
Fitness centre

Get and stay fit, healthy and confident. The fitness centre in AquaCity is tailored for that. There are various fitness and cardio machines, treadmills and rowing machines to train all muscles, workout and weight benches, barbells and dumbbells, user-friendly machines with a modern design. Boost your heart health and immunity with cardio exercises, lose fat, get fit and reduce your stress.

Body shaping machines – Vibra and Rollen

Vibra is a machine with a flat vibration platform that makes muscles contract. Thanks to this fast contraction of various groups of muscles, the exercise takes only 20 minutes but is very effective. It improves the muscle strength and makes flabby muscles firmer, helps burn subcutaneous fat and eliminates cellulite.
Rollen is a massage-recondition machine that massages individual body parts and has a direct effect on subcutaneous fat cells. It is a non-surgical fat breakdown and reduction method. If used regularly, it can help shape the body, remove cellulite and reduce the volume of massaged parts.

Spinning centre

If you prefer exercising on two wheels, book spinning workouts. SPINNING® is an energy efficient group sports activity performed on special spin bikes that combines music, motivation, imagination and fitting training doses. The original cycling programme includes physical and mental sports training elements for any age or physical fitness.
SPINNING is ideal for people who want to get or keep fit and to keep their figure in a simple and entertaining way.
SPINNING is the perfect way to lose weight. During one 45-minute lesson, one can burn 400 to 600 Kcal, which is 12 times more than by doing aerobics and without overstraining joints and tendons. Regular SPINNING workouts can help shape and firm your body. The SPINNING programme can be used to train for all kinds of sports. With help of heart rate monitors, a specific training load can be simulated – endurance, speed, power output, interval training. Spinning workouts are offered at selected times and have to be booked in advance.


If you don’t like contact with water but want to take a lot out of your body, use our fitness centre. Your individual training and exercises can be arranged with some of our certified coaches. There is a lot to choose from – power training, circuit training, HIIT and other kinds of fitness and condition training. They can even train you to become a perfect swimmer.