Thermal water – AquaCity Poprad Slovakia
Thermal water

Thermal water is the primary source of energy used for heating the complex and is the heart of AquaCity. The water is gentle on the skin and beneficial to health. Water is one of the most important natural resources in the world. In AquaCity, water is also the base for fun and relaxation. Water pumped from underground geothermal natural lakes is fed into AquaCity with an initial temperature of around 49 °C. In large high-tech water exchangers it releases its heat, which is transferred to the hotel and resort buildings. Water in the pools, showers and water supply is under constant strict supervision and impurities are removed using the same natural filtering systems based on UV, which are used for drinking water.

The use of chemicals is kept to a bare minimum in pools, bathrooms and showers meaning that the water remains soft on your skin and eyes, and is also environmentally friendly. To minimise the amount of chemicals needed, new pools are constructed using stainless steel, not concrete, thereby reducing the need for chlorination by up to 90%.

  • The Geothermal springs in AquaCity are some 1,300m beneath the earth’s surface. They are more than 15,000 years old and producing the cleanest thermal water, containing more than 20 minerals by the time it reaches the surface. The water temperature of 49°C brings this water into the ranks of hot water (above 42 °C).

  • Based on the mineralogical composition being rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium and carbon dioxide, the natural thermal water in AquaCity has been championed by many as water with healing properties.

Use of heat is possible with external balneotherapy and indications of thermal water use are based on the physiological effects of heat:

  • positive impact on the skin and blood circulation to the skin
  • positive impact on the cardiovascular system
  • positive impact on metabolism
  • positive impact on regulatory mechanisms
  • positive impact of thermal stimuli to the nervous
  • muscular system