Fire & Water Wellness & Spa – AquaCity Poprad Slovakia

Fire and water. Two basic elements of life. Discover your mental and physical balance in our FIRE & WATER WELLNESS & SPA. The energy of fire and water is clear, strong and unsubmissive. Both elements come from the depths of the universe and although they are different, they cannot live without each other. The biggest 2-storey wellness and spa centre in Slovakia – Fire & Water Wellness & Spa offers a wide range of unique wellness services. There are various saunas and inhalation rooms, a ceremonial sauna with sauna shows, relaxation rooms, an ice cave, a relaxation pool, the bay of love and a whirlpool. Feel free to refresh yourself at a 14-metre-long wellness bar that serves healthy fruit juice, wellness drinks and smoothies. The modern and timeless wellness centre design, effective coloured lighting and golden tiling in saunas please the eye and guarantee unforgettable relaxation.


Close the door, let all your worries behind it, forget all words and perceive only the drops of your sweat running down your skin. This is what you can feel in a typical Finnish sauna. In addition to sauna relaxation, it offers special sauna shows and rituals, which represent a new and modern trend in the field of wellness treatments. This higher level of sauna relaxation results in more intense sweating and a deeper experience. Thanks to the high air temperature, toxins are removed from the body and the immunity is boosted.

TEMPERATURE : 90 – 105˚C
HUMIDITY : 10 – 15 %
RECOMMENDED TIME :10 – 15 min.
EFFECT : regenerating, relaxing, strengthening the immune system, prevention from communicable diseases
CONTRAINDICATION : all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70 years, people under the influence of alcohol, pregnancy, influenza, epilepsy, infectious diseases, purulent disease of the skin, acute febrile illness, hypertension, thrombosis conditions, tumours


Do you love the aroma of herbs? If you think you don’t, we will show you how wrong you are. In our herbal aromatic sauna with the temperature of max. 40°C, the aroma of herbs is very relaxing and has beneficial effects on the respiratory system, helps treat insomnia, irritation and relaxes the body and mind. The combination of a steam sauna and herbal aromas has a clearly positive effect. Damp air is great for the skin by boosting the blood circulation and cleansing it, which makes it smooth and velvety.

RECOMMENDED TIME : 15 – 20 min.
EFFECT : relaxation, recovery, strengthening the immune system, revitalizing
CONTRAINDICATION : all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70 years, people under the influence of alcohol, pregnancy, influenza, epilepsy


Real fire in stone furnaces. Flawless, well-deserved relaxation. Saunas are part of the rich tradition of Nordic nations. The temperature inside varies from 65 °C to 90 °C depending on where you are. The main effects include relaxation of muscles of the musculoskeletal system and subsequent overall relaxation. The high air temperature increases sweating, which removes toxic substances from the body and boosts immunity.

TEMPERATURE : 90 – 105˚C
HUMIDITY : 10 – 15 %
RECOMMENDED TIME :10 – 15 min.
EFFECT : regenerating, relaxing, strengthening the immune system, prevention from communicable diseases
CONTRAINDICATION : all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70 years, people under the influence of alcohol, pregnancy, influenza, epilepsy, infectious diseases, purulent disease of the skin, acute febrile illness, hypertension, thrombosis conditions, tumours


Enjoy a unique experience in our hot steam sauna which will boost your blood circulation and please your soul. If you don’t like too hot saunas, this one is tailored for you. Its lower temperature doesn’t exhaust the body so much. Steam baths have a long history which goes back to Greek and Roman times.

EMPERATURE : 45 – 55˚C
RECOMMENDED TIME : 15 – 20 min.
EFFECT : relaxation, recovery, strengthening the immune system, revitalizing
CONTRAINDICATION : all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70 years, people under the influence of alcohol, pregnancy, influenza, epilepsy


Everybody must love the aroma of eucalyptus. The “Emerald secret” sauna offers a flawless combination of aromatherapy and a steam sauna. Breathe in the beneficial eucalyptus aroma and spoiling steam emphasised by emerald effects in the sauna walls.

HUMIDITY : 100 %
RECOMMENDED TIME : 10 – 15 min.
EFFECT : relaxation, recovery, strengthening the immune system, revitalizing
CONTRAINDICATIONS : all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70 years, people under the influence of alcohol, pregnancy, influenza, epilepsy


There’s a good reason for the saying that salt is more precious than gold. Even Himalayan salt. It is known all around the world. Sunrays caught in salt crystals due to evaporation and minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, iodine, bromine and manganese have cleansing, rejuvenating and healing effects on the whole body. Himalayan salt is ideal to treat allergies, cold and all upper respiratory system diseases and rheumatic disorders. The air in the salt sauna is rich in minerals and beneficial microorganisms. The sauna interior consists of Himalayan salt crystals.

HUMIDITY : 100 %
RECOMMENDED TIME : 15 – 20 min.
EFFECT : regenerating, relaxing, strengthening the immune system, prevention from communicable diseases
CONTRAINDICATION : purulent skin diseases, infectious diseases, open wounds.


Sunrays can be found in our wellness centre as well. Thanks to a modern sauna relaxation method that heats the whole body. Infrared rays boost the blood circulation (have no suntan effects), cleanse the skin, fight the cellulite, activate a lot of other healing processes, help relax. Let your body warm up and have a rest.

HUMIDITY : 10 – 30 %
EFFECT : the use of infrared rays is appropriate to improve blood circulation, skin purification, detoxification, degradation of cellulite, heat up the body, starting of healing processes and relaxation
CONTRAINDICATION : all acute medical conditions, increased activity of the thyroid gland, bleeding diseases, conditions following phlebitis, infectious diseases, hypertension, malignant tumours, epilepsy, non-healing skin defects of any origin, infectious, transmissible, parasitic diseases, active tuberculosis, bleeding disorders, mental disorders , feverish conditions, cancers (malignant tumours), conditions after a heart attack and stroke, all cardiovascular diseases, relative contraindication – age of over 70 years, in case of the use of drugs, acute injuries, inflammation, pregnancy, acute cardiovascular disease, silicone implants should always consult with your doctor.


Sauna relaxation can be very exciting. Thanks to sauna rituals. The higher level of sauna sessions increases sweating and makes the sauna experience deeper. Our wellness centre offers various sauna shows and rituals in the ceremonial sauna, peeling shows in the salt sauna and music therapy in the relaxation room.

During sauna rituals, sauna masters add a new dimension to the sauna relaxation and make the experience more attractive and exciting by swirling hot air with towels or fans, pouring water on stones, adding various essences to ice or water. Hot air removes harmful substances from the body and prevents diseases, unclogs skin pores, improves the blood circulation in the skin, restores its elasticity and good looks. Sauna rituals represent a new way of sauna relaxation and a modern trend in the field of wellness treatments. They are usually 10 – 12 minutes long and available at selected times 4 x day.

Music has been beneficial for the human mind from of old. Music therapy uses various sound instruments to help you relax as good as possible. Try our music therapy in relaxation rooms and spoil yourself with the flawless atmosphere.

How about removing dead skin cells from your body and restoring your skin? Try our peeling. If applied gently and with circular movements, the fine-grained salt peeling gets deep into the skin and removes dead cells, fat and bacteria. The skin is supplied with blood and looks radiant and fresh. Peeling cleanses pores from fat and dirt. 

Whisking is a treatment that you definitely shouldn’t miss. The sauna master begins by swirling the air by using birch or eucalyptus whisks and once your skin is steamed, the sauna master starts to massage it with the whisks. It boosts the blood circulation, which intensifies the temperature contrast, increases sweating and boosts metabolism.


Enjoy undisturbed relaxation with various wellness innovations in our pool lagoon with a cosy temperature of 33°C. There is a wide range of hydromassage attractions, water spouts, whirlpools, jets, massage bubbles, a bottom massage jet with handrails to boost the blood circulation in the feet and mushroom spray fountains that stimulate acupuncture points all over the body and boost regeneration and relaxation in this way.

Temperature: 33 ° C
Depth: 1.2m
Dimensions: 10 x 11m


Feel like in a paradise. Plunge into our hot oasis of peace and spoil yourself with water micromassage and an endless number of small bubbles that relax muscles all over your body. Hot water lifts your body and is combined with a body and foot massage. It boosts the blood circulation and the body relaxes fully. The combination of hot water, floating and hydromassage improves blood pumping, reduces pain, relieves muscles and the whole body.

DEPTH : 1 m

EFFECTS: hydro massage, relaxation and blood circulation improvement. Relaxing water bath. Water, makes the body float, thereby decreasing muscle tension. Hot water supplemented by body and foot massage supports blood circulation and the body gets into a state of total relaxation.
CONTRAINDICATIONS: pregnancy, flu, infectious diseases, purulent skin diseases, acute febrile illness



Wellness relaxation is not only about heat. Cold is important too. Once your blood circulation is pumped up, it feels fine to relax in a real cold ice cave. The temperature of -14 °C cools off your passion and you can enjoy snowing even on a hot summer day. To boost the cosmetic effect, we suggest combining it with our SPA treatments.


Stimulate your blood circulation before entering our private lagoon. Tropical rain is part of our wellness ecosystem and vitalises the body. The massage hot water shower is the ideal addition to the world of pleasure of our Fire & Water Wellness & Spa centre. Tropical rain proves that showering is not only just body cleaning. Our experiential shower is a medical treatment with positive effects on the whole body. Experiential wellness showers relieve body tension and refresh the soul.


Enter our first oasis of peace and relaxation, restore the harmony of your body and mind. Relax on comfortable beds overlooking the sky with moving clouds. Real flickering flames in bio fireplaces emphasise the relaxing atmosphere of our Fire & Water Wellness & Spa centre. Relaxation combines the atmosphere of a mountain cottage and a water world, reduces stress. Tree decorations on the walls, undisturbed peace and relaxation – this is the icing on the cake of our oasis.


Try positive and mental stimulation that helps reduce stress. Our wellness oasis of refreshment offers absolute relaxation.


Would you like to know how ice bears feel in water? Test your resistance and try the Arctic in the form of our cooling pool. The water temperature of 10°C activates your immune system after a sauna session and increases the production of blood cells. This is the key to permanent health, beauty and vitality. The positive influence of alternating cold and heat has been known for centuries. Blood vessels become wider, i.e. dilate in the sauna and respond to cold by becoming narrower, i.e. constricting and warming up afterwards. This causes an explosion of energy in the cells and a real surge of happiness.


Ideal for all lovers. Only our centre offers a bay of love. Romantic corners with massage beds are tailored for love. Our Bay of love is the crown of the private “Mystique lagoon” pool. But please note that the Bay of love is available only for those who are in love!


If you cannot find the ideal opposing force to hot wellness pleasures and our ice cave is not cold enough for you, plunge into an icefall. The freezing attraction is a container where ice falls permanently to cool off your body.


You can only enter the wellness centre once per valid ticket. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to enter. Entry for children from 12 to 15 years is only permitted if escorted by a person over the age of 18. Entering a sauna with a swimsuit or shoes is prohibited (A towel is supplied at the entrance, a replacement of this towel is charged).

Every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 14:00, admission for children between 3 to 12 years of age is permitted with adult accompaniment and supervision. During the children’s sauna time, the temperature in the Viking Finnish sauna is reduced to 60°C.

  • Responsibility of visitors to the relaxation centre is to act in accordance with instruction of the operator. Consult your doctor if the sauna is suitable for you, with respect to your health. Admission to the saunas is not recommended for: pregnant women, diabetics, patients with heart disease, kidney or thyroid problems, and people with high blood pressure. Entrance into the  Wellness Centre is prohibited for children under 12 years of age, persons under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Entrance into to the wellness centre is only allowed in sheets due to hyginic reasons. The pool area can be accessed in a bathing suit.
    – Recommended stay in a sauna is 1.5 to 2 hours and no more than 1-2 stays within a week
    – It is recommended not to eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol before using the sauna
    – Leave your watch, cell phone, jewellery, etc. in the locker room before entering the sauna
    – Shower, wash with soap and wipe dry before entering the sauna
    – The wellness centre is a mixed type of sauna (men + women). Enter the sauna without a swimsuit and shoes, wrapped in a sheet. Wearing a swimsuit in a sauna is very harmful to the health, not only for you but for others too. Swimsuits are made from 100% synthetic materials and at a temperature of 50 ° C, the compounds are released and are highly carcinogenic, and they get into the body through the respiratory tract or through the skin and this way you harm
    yourself and also other people in sauna.
    – Due to hygienic reasons spread the sheet under your body including your feet. First sit down on the lowest bench and gradually move to the next level seating to avoid thermal shock.
    – While in saunas breathe slowly through your nose, not very deeply. It is recommended to use a variety of scrubs, oils, cosmetics, that we will gladly offer you. If the temperature is unbearable, leave the sauna straight away.
    – Behave quietly and culturally, avoid loud conversations, swearing and discussions. Saunas are a place of peace and meditation
    – After leaving the sauna cool the body down, either with a cold shower or use a plunge pool with cold water
    – When cooling the body start from the feet towards the heart, never pour cold water on a warmed head
    – Each sauna cycle is finished after 15-20 min. long rest in the position on your back in the relaxation room with deck chairs. Wrap yourself in the sheet and lie down, close your eyes and relax for several minutes
    – Do not eat, do not drink and do not read while in saunas
    – Intervals between cycles in saunas try to add fluid, vitamin C, snacks in the form of fruit to replenish missing minerals in the body
    – Do not wash body by soap after the last stay in sauna
    – Before finishing the whole sauna procedure you should take 15-20 minutes to rest so your body climates to changes in temperature and do not make any greater effort immediately after a bath
    – After the procedure you need to add fluid. The best are fruit juices, tea and mineral water. In one sauna cycle you can lose up to 0.5 litres of water with which you lose not just toxins, but also salt, vitamin C and other minerals.
    – End the sauna process with a favourite massage or enjoy beauty and wellness services
    – Private Jacuzzi pool or whirlpool hot tub (or other common areas) can be entered in a swimsuit
    – Bring big towel Into the sauna
    – Always leave the sauna in the condition in which you would like to find it when you enter
    – Sauna provides protection for the body for seven days in order to maintain resistance to diseases, it is recommended to repeat the sauna at least 1 time per week