AquaCity Poprad is a world of entertainment, rest and relaxation. The Aquapark includes 13 outdoor and indoor pools with a temperature of thermal water 28°C – 38°C, water slides and more than 350 water attractions. Water in AquaCity comes from a natural underground source and is brought to the site. The process is cooled to 36-38 ° C from 50 ° C. Pools have an anti-corrosion surface to minimise the need for chlorine. UV radiation is used to disinfect it, making it skin-friendly and eye-friendly. Water in the thermal pools originates from a depth of 1300 m and contains more than 20 different minerals beneficial to human health. It helps with movement and respiratory system problems, blood circulation, nervous system and has beneficial cosmetic effects.

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Outdoor thermal pool / year-round • Temperature: 38°C • Depth: 1.2m • Dimensions: 14x7m

In the outdoor soaking thermal pool, you can relax. The warmest swimming pool in AquaCity Poprad with a temperature of 38 ° C and a depth of 1.2m with massage jets and air beads on the seats are an ideal place for pleasant relaxation in thermal water. Feel the beneficial effects of crystal – clear thermal water containing more than 20 different minerals.


Outdoor thermal pool / year-round • Temperature: 33° – 35°C • Depth: 1.2m • Dimensions: 25x17m

In the relaxing thermal pool, you can find air-framed massage deck chairs with water beads, massage nozzles, water mushrooms, gargoyles, bottom outlets or a swinging bell. Ideal place for perfect relaxation, regeneration and relaxation of your body after a busy day. 


Outdoor thermal pool / year-round • Temperature: 27°C • Depth: 1.5m • Dimensions: 32x15m

Enjoy swimming in the 33m long outdoor swimming pool, which is a suitable place for passionate athletes and active swimmers. Indulge in active sports relaxation. 


Outdoor heated pool / summer operation • Temperature: 33° – 35°C • Depth: 1.2m • Dimensions: 25×45m

During the summer season (1.7. – 31.8.) You can try the water entertainment pyramid with attractions for children and adults. The Mayan Pyramid has 3 stainless pools, slides and many water attractions such as the wild river, water mushroom, water spike and water spouts. Pools with a depth of 1 – 1.2m and a water temperature of 30 ° C are suitable for children and adults alike. At the 20-meter high Mayan pyramid, you can try a family slide or take two fast and steep kamikaze skewers, or ride a rafting slide. Experience an unforgettable day full of adventure and adventure with your family and discover an attractive place for entertainment, and relaxation.


Indoor heated pool / year-round • Temperature: 26 – 28°C • Depth: 1.2 – 1.8m • Dimensions: 50x21m

AquaCity Poprad is the only resort with hotels and a 50-meter indoor swimming pool under one roof. The place for sporting performances, as well as relaxation, is made for people who love swimming. Swimmers have 8 swimming pools available for use throughout the whole week. If you need to get even more blood circulation, there is a steam sauna with high humidity, where your body gets rid of harmful substances and relaxes. Improve your fitness and strengthen your vitality and health. The pool meets the requirements for the organisation of training camps, sports centres, as well as sports activities in swimming.


Indoor thermal pool / year-round • Temperature: 30° and 35°C • Depth: 1.2 m • Dimensions: 26 × 22m

The main attraction in the aquapark is covered by relaxation pools with a water temperature of 30-35 ° C, offering a full range of water and air massages, water splashes and seats, water curtains and nozzles, special light therapy for chromotherapy – light treatment, artificial waves and other attractions. Pools available are two – outdoor pool with four separate bays providing relaxation in 35 degree water, indoor pool is cooled with water temperature 30 ° C, water walls and artificial waving facilities.

The Blue Sapphire pool is equipped with a laser show, a 9m high water wall projection and a surround sound system. The multimedia laser show in Blue Sapphire pools every night will bring a great atmosphere. An experience that brings you this sound and image is unforgettable. The Laser Show in AquaCity demonstrates the possibilities of using the most technologically advanced laser projectors.


Indoor thermal pools / year – round • Temperature: 34°C • Depth: 1.2 m • Dimensions: 16x6m

Luxurious thermal pools with plenty of water attractions, whirlpools, massage jets and water jets are the perfect place for relaxing.


Thanks to a comfortable atmosphere, with magical underwater lights and hot thermal water, the Blue Diamond Pool is the ideal place for even the smallest children and adults. The pool bar with terrace creates a comfortable atmosphere for those who want to meet, talk, relax or have a refreshing drink.


Exclusive Blue Diamond II thermal pool with a drink bar right in the water offers the luxury you expect. You can enjoy a rich menu of mixed drinks and relax on the poolside bar stools. Have a nice time with your family. Blue Diamond Pools are a convenient venue for organising any social and congress events. The space can be rented by companies or conferences organisers who want to experience a truly special party or corporate party.


Indoor heated saltwater / year-round pool • Temperature: 34°C • Depth: 0.9m • Dimensions: 12x6m

In the sea of fun under the Tatra Mountains, we have prepared Treasure Island – Treasure Island, an exotic bay style for all children, in which there is shipwreck with slides and water attractions. All children have the opportunity to experience the feeling of cruising on a historic ship, bathe in salt water, or enjoy a variety of entertainment animation programs. The children’s world with the Summer Lounge and the Jacuzzi for adults is suitable for the whole family. On the treasure island there are also the fabulous live nemo fish in the aquarium and the Treasure Island mascots, two live iguanas in the terrarium of the Galapagos archipelago Hugo and Boss, who are the protectors of the whole island.


Outdoor inflatable outdoor pools / summer operation • Temperature: 34°C • Depth: 0.6m • Dimensions: 35m

During the summer season, enjoy the FUN KIDS zone in the outdoor area. There you will find a 35-meter inflatable pirate water park, bouncy castles, trampolines, a playground with climbing frames, a train and swings. You can enjoy a real relaxing holiday under the High Tatras on a sandy beach with sand, sun loungers, umbrellas and a beach bar with exotic music and drinks.


Children’s outdoor pool / summer operation • Temperature: 30°C • Depth: 0.4m • Dimensions: 12.5×12.5m                      

For the youngest visitors we have an outdoor children’s swimming pool with water slides during the summer season. Water height 0,4 m and water temperature 30 ° C ensure safe bathing of children.

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