Treasure Island kid’s pool

Indoor heated salt water pool / open all year round • Temperature: 34°C • Depth: 0.9m • Size: 12x6m

Great fun for small pirates. In the “sea of amusement” at the foot of the Tatras, a Treasure Island has been created – a pool for kids designed like an exotic bay with a wrecked ship, a slide and lots of water attractions. Children can feel like on a historic ship there, swim in salt water and join various amusing activities. There is also an aquarium with real Nemo fish and a terrarium with three live Treasure Island mascots – iguanas Hugo, Boss and Gucci, protectors of the whole island.

Swimming in salt water is healthy. It boosts the detoxification and immunity, has slightly antiseptic effects. What’s more, salt water doesn’t irritate the eyes of small children. Adults will love the kid’s zone too because there is a relaxing Summer Lounge and a whirlpool. The Treasure Island is tailored for the whole family.

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