50m swimming pool   – AquaCity Poprad Slovakia

50m swimming pool  

Indoor heated pool / open all year round • Temperature: 26 – 28°C • Depth: 1.2 – 1.8m • Size: 50x21m

AquaCity Poprad is a sports centre. In addition to hotels, a water park and a wellness centre, it offers a brand new stainless-steel swimming pool (50 m). This means that one can swim in professional conditions here and use 8 swimming lanes. The pool is tailored for people who love swimming. There are individual as well as group training courses that help improve the technique or one can just relax by swimming. Either way, you will feel like a professional because the pool meets all requirements for organising training camps, sports camps and swimming events. And after a quality swimming session, relaxation feels much better. A steam sauna with high humidity is ideal for that, to remove toxins from the body and to have a rest. Improve your fitness and boost your vitality and health.

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