Swimming courses for children – AquaCity Poprad Slovakia

Swimming with children has been booming in recent years. Especially babies like water very much. Why? Before their birth, they swim in the wombs of their mothers for nine months. So they feel better in water than on dry land after they are born. When growing up, they start to be afraid of water. But in our Hippo baby club, we won’t let them do that. We play, sing and recite with them, do simple exercises. The most important thing is to see every child satisfied and smiling, to let them cooperate with their parents and feel that they can rely on them, and to let them enjoy the company of other children. The Hippo baby club has organised courses for 25 years. They are ideal for mothers as well as fathers.

The HIPPO BABY CLUB organises “swimming” courses also for babies from 3 months to 3 years. Every course is 5 weeks long. Babies play with other babies under the guidance of trained teachers in the Blue Diamond pool with water temperature of 33°C – 34°C. Swimming influences various bodily functions and basic movement skills. It plays an important role when learning basic hygiene habits and the cold training prevents various diseases.

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