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Aquapark Poprad sro, with its registered office at Športová 1397/1, Poprad 058 01, identification number 36482609 (hereinafter referred to as “the Company” or “we”), as a website operator (hereinafter referred to as the “Websites”), hereby publishes for the users of the Websites (hereinafter referred to as “Users” or “you”) the cookie notifications that are used on the Website (hereinafter referred to as “web site cookies notification” or “notification”).

Cookies are text (data) files that contain a small amount of information (data) that is stored on a user’s computer, mobile phone, or other devices when visiting a website. Consequently, every time you visit the site, cookies are sent back to a website (or other pages) that recognises cookies to allow websites to recognise the user’s computer, mobile phone, or other device.

Cookies are used for a variety of purposes, ranging from ensuring the functionality of websites through enabling individualisation and personalisation of websites and statistical analyses of user behaviour on websites, and ending with targeted ads to web users.

Dividing cookies in terms of durability
In terms of durability (storage time), cookies are divided into session cookies and persistent cookies.
Session cookies are cookies that are activated at the moment of opening web pages, which are automatically deleted at the moment of leaving the website. Persistent cookies are cookies that remain stored on the user’s device for a period of time specified in cookies.

Dividing cookies in terms of origin
In terms of origin are distinguished cookies “first party” (first party cookies) and cookies “third party” (third party cookies).
Cookies “first party” cookies are produced by the websites you visit, and only these websites can read this type of cookies (recognise).
Third-party cookies are cookies created by third parties (people) that are stored on the user’s device by other websites (domains) than web pages that the user is currently viewing. Cookies “third party” are stored on many websites across the Internet and third parties (persons) who created these cookies are able to track users across all web pages where these cookies are stored. Thanks to that, third parties (people) are able to monitor, analyse and evaluate the behaviour of users and provide operators of websites different services (e.g. Measuring web site traffic or placement of targeted ads).

Dividing cookies in terms of functionality
In terms of functionality cookies can be divided into strictly necessary, essential cookies, analysis, conversion, tracking and remarketing.
The strictly necessary cookies are cookies that are indispensable for the functioning of websites. The use of the necessary cookies does not require the consent of the user.
Analytical cookies are cookies that collect anonymous information about how users use websites, such as which subpages are most frequently visited by users, or what content the users are most interested in. This information then enables to improve the attractiveness and optimise the content of websites.

Remarketing cookies are cookies that are used for the correct targeting and personalisation of  advertising.

Conversion cookies are cookies for analysing the performance of sales channels.
Tracking cookies in conjunction with the conversion cookies help to analyse the performance of different sales channels.

  1. Cookies used on our websites
    The following table contains a description of cookies used on our Web sites:


The following table contains a description of cookies used on our Web sites:

AdwordsTracking, Conversion, RemarketingPersistent
FacebookTracking, Conversion, RemarketingPersistent
Google / Universal Analytics (_ga, cid, utmv, utmz, utma, utmb, utmc)Tracking, AnalyticalPersistent
SklikConversion, Remarketing30 days, max 540 days


Google Analytics

More about privacy Google Analytics:
If you want to prevent us from using Google Analytics services, please use the opt-out options. Setting preferences for ad targeting and remarketing can be found in Google ad settings.

Manage cookie settings
You can disable the use of cookies or disable cookies within your web browser settings. However, please note that disabling cookies may result in limitation of the functionality of our web site or can cause total failure of some its parts.

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