AquaCity Poprad: A Water Park and Resort That is Environmentally Friendly

26. July 2011

As temperatures climb higher and the summer sun shines brighter, many people look for a well-deserved vacation destination. Water parks are a high demand attraction and a costly one to the environment in most cases. But one water park is as entertaining as it is environmentally friendly. It is AquaCity Poprad in Poprad, Slovakia. This water park and spa getaway is located at the base of the Tatras Mountains, opened in 2007 and was founded by Jan Telensky.

The water park offers many fun options for both adults and children. The adult pool has massaging jets and is adjacent to the children’s pool play area which consists of many pools and water slides. Both use light effects and laser lights to change the color of the water for visual, dramatic and entertaining effects. The water park also offers outdoor thermal pools, blue Sapphire pools, blue diamond pools, and a 50 meter swimming pool.

Od 1.11. je okres Poprad v čiernej farbe regionálneho automatu a stredisko AquaCity Poprad je z dôvodu nariadení zatvorené. Pozrite si aktuálne COVID - 19 OPATRENIA. Od 1.11. je okres Poprad v černé barvě a středisko AquaCity Poprad zavřené. Viz aktuální COVID - 19 OPATŘENÍ. From 1.11. is Poprad in black colour and the AquaCity Poprad is closed. See current COVID - 19 MEASURES. Od 1.11. AquaCity Poprad jest zamknięte. INFORMACJE DLA ODWIEDZAJĄCYCH – AKTUALIZACJA COVID – 19 ИНФОРМАЦИЯ О ПУТЕШЕСТВИИ - COVID 19