Fun water attraction Aquazorbing – a walk on water that you have not experienced yet. In the outdoor swimming pool, during the summer you can try a water ball, which belongs to light adrenaline sports and is designed for sports entertainment purposes. A large ball is designed to walk on water to bring you guaranteed entertainment and experience.


The multimedia laser show in Blue Sapphire pools will bring great atmosphere and unforgettable experience. The Blue Sapphire pool is equipped with a laser show, a 9m high water wall projection and a surround sound system. The Laser Show in AquaCity demonstrates the possibilities of using the most technologically advanced laser projectors. Animated 3D images floating in the air with emotional music creates a mysterious theatre and an unforgettable experience. Every other evening a different show is waiting for you.

LASER SHOW in the Blue Sapphire pools
Duration: 10 minutes

Monday: AquaCity Poprad show
: Michael Jackson Dance show
Wednesday: James Bond 007
Thursday: Evolution
Friday: Kids Laser show
Saturday: Pirates of theCaribbean 
Love & Romance


AquaCity’s Blue Sapphire pools use colour effects in conjunction with thermal water to maximise the calming effect of colour and heat on mental and physical balance. Chromotherapy is an alternative curative method used to harmonise the body and spirit with light and colour. It strengthens the body’s resistance, uses colour and light to achieve physical and mental balance. When we expose the water to sunlight, the water absorbs the vibrations of a particular colour, which is the basic principle of chromotherapy.

The ancient form of healing is based on the idea that each being contains five basic elements: earth, water, air, fire, and ether (space). Their relationship is closely related to personality and nature and differs from person to person. Any disturbance of this equilibrium, whether an unhealthy lifestyle or external influences, will cause disease. Ayurveda uses the energy contained in the colours of the spectrum to balance these elements.


Virtual reality surrounds you with the world according to your wishes – relax, fun, adrenaline, sport, action, world of the future, travel, art, etc. Unique entertainment for children and adults where you will experience unforgettable and unique experiences. It is modern technology that literally moves you beyond reality, allowing you to find yourself right in the world you choose. Imagine entering a virtual world with unlimited possibilities in which you can move freely and experience unforgettable experiences. This technology creates a very realistic illusion of a real or fictional world.


You can experience great adrenaline fun on two year-round water slides Black hole 71m and Twister 54m with lots of twists and surprises. During the summer, enjoy the Family Slide on the Mayan pyramid, the fast and steep red waterslides of the Kamikadze, or the rafting toboggan run up to 30m. For outdoor children’s pools, children can enjoy small and safe slides.


In the wellness centre Fire & Water Wellness & Spa we offer special experiences in saunas – sauna ceremonies, sauna rituals and peelings. The sauna will be much more intense and interesting for you thanks to our sauna masters. They use a special air swirling technique, soaking stones with fragrant essences, increasing the sensing temperature and bringing a new experience into your saunering. Indulge in exceptional wellness and great entertainment in the various types of themed saunas, accompanied by pleasant smells, music, lighting and a story. Sauna ceremonies last for 15 minutes and run in ceremonial saunas and sauna peelings in the salt steam room.

Monday –Friday 3.30p.m., 5p.m. and 7.30p.m. 
Saturday – Sunday  11:00, 3.30p.m., 5p.m. and 7.30p.m. 

During weekends from 11a.m. to 1p.m. a children’s sauna is available in the wellness centre.


Summer fun and sports venue is the perfect place to have fun with friends, organising events, festivals, teambuilding events, sports or corporate tournaments. There is a sandy beach with sea sand, deck chairs, sun umbrellas and a beach bar with exotic music for those who want to have a real holiday relaxing under the High Tatras.

In the area there are playgrounds and sports fields:

  • Two beach volleyball courts
  • Beach football area with goals
  • Inflatable attractions, pirate pool, slides, bouncy castles and trampolines

Od 19.1.2022 je stredisko AquaCity Poprad otvorené. Pozrite si aktuálne COVID - 19 OPATRENIA. Od 19.1. 2022 je středisko AquaCity Poprad otevřeno. Viz aktuální COVID - 19 OPATŘENÍ. From 19.1. 2022 AquaCity Poprad is open. See current COVID - 19 MEASURES. Od 19.1. 2022 AquaCity Poprad jest czynne. INFORMACJE DLA ODWIEDZAJĄCYCH – AKTUALIZACJA COVID – 19 ИНФОРМАЦИЯ О ПУТЕШЕСТВИИ - COVID 19