Outdoor thermal pools

Outdoor thermal pools are ideal areas for rest and relaxation.


The outdoor thermal swimming pools are open all year round with temperatures ranging from 30 to 38 degrees Celsius. Thanks to modern technology, the pools are filled with crystal clear thermal water using state-of-the-art UV filtration. By technological processes, the water is cooled from 50°C down to between 36 and 38°C. The pools have stainless steel surfaces to minimise the need for the use of chlorine. In order to disinfect the water UV radiation is used, which is gentle on the skin and eyes. The water in the thermal pools originates from a depth of 1,300 metres and contains over 20 different minerals all with beneficial effects on human health. The thermal water in AquaCity has many powers and can help with mobility, respiratory ailments, circulation, and nervous disorders and can aid skin problems. In the outside pools you can relax all year round. This area contains a sitting pool, a relaxation pool where you can enjoy the water beads, massage jets, waterfalls and fun areas known as the Swinging Bell. Alternatively, for the more athletic swimmer, enjoy an outdoor swimming experience with one of the pools measuring 33 meters.


The highlight of adrenaline fun is the 71-metre long water slide called Black Hole and the 54m long water slide we call Twister, with its many exhilarating twists and turns. Experience real fun and make lots of great memories. Slide down the Family Slide on the Mayan Pyramid or down the fast and steep red Kamikaze toboggans, or take an inflatable raft down a 30-metre long water slide. Kids can have fun in the outdoor children’s pool with its small and safe slides.

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