Blue Sapphire pools

Blue Sapphire pools are unique not only by the offered range of services, but also by contribution to protection of the environment. The modern building, which uses solar power and thermal water as its primary energy sources, provides an unforgettable experience for all the senses. The main attractions are, of course, relaxing thermal pools with a water temperature of 30-35°C that offer a wide range of water and air massages, water bubble beds and seats, water curtains and water jets, plus special lighting called chromotherapy – light therapy, artificial waves and other attractions. There are two pools available – an outdoor pool with four separate bays, which provides relaxation in the 35°C water, and an indoor pool with a cooling water temperature of 30°C, water walls and artificial waves. The glass facade provides plenty of light during the day and evening offering an unforgettable experience in observing the sunsetting over the High Tatras. Two of the wall facades are fitted with photovoltaic cells, which ensure the production of clean electricity. Above the Blue Sapphire pools is a separate glassed terrace, which is dominated by one of the largest children’s playgrounds in Slovakia.

LASER SHOW  – every evening in the Blue Sapphire pools at 8.30 pm.

The areas of the Blue Sapphire pools is equipped with a stunning laser show, projected on to a 9m high wall of water and equipped with a powerful surround-sound system. The multimedia laser show in the Blue Sapphire pools adds a great atmosphere to every evening.Experiencing these sounds and images is truly unforgettable. The laser show at AquaCity demonstrates the possibilities of using the most technologically advanced laser projectors. Animated 3D images floating in the air with emotional music create a mysterious and memorable theatrical experience.

Program Laser show

Relax in the pools and enjoy exceptional performances on various themes:

  • Creation of AquaCity
  • James Bond 007
  • Slovakia
  • Evolution
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Children’s laser show
  • Michael Jackson dance show


This alternative healing method uses colour and light to achieve physical, emotional, spiritual and mental balance and has a long tradition in medicine. Treatment by colour and light has been used since the earliest of times and has its beginnings back in ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations. In the Blue Sapphire pools at AquaCity colour effects are used in massage pools in conjunction with healing geothermal water, in order to maximise the impact of soothing colours on the mental and physical balance. Colour therapy is based on the concept that each creature consists of five basic elements: earth, water, air, fire and ether (space). An individual‘s colour mix is closely linked to personality and character and varies from person to person. Any disruption of the balance, often caused by either an unhealthy lifestyle, or external influences, can lead to disease. Ayurvedic principles use the energy contained in the colours of the spectrum to rebalance these elements.


Blue Sapphire pools are ideal for corporate functions, events or private parties. The additional flexibility of covering the pools with water stages offers organisations an unrivalled venue in which to hold events; the dance floor can even be situated directly above the pools complete with a stunning laser show that will be sure to impress your business guests.

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