50m Swimming pool

50-metre swimming pool – improve your fitness and strengthen your vitality and health. Get to know our swimming centre for passionate athletes. AquaCity is the only resort with hotels and a 50-metre swimming pool under one roof, the perfect combination for people who love swimming. The swimming pool has a water temperature of 26 – 28°C and a depth of 1.2 – 1.8 metres. There are 8 swimming lanes available for swimmers, which can be used throughout the week.


Steam sauna with high humidity are located near the swimming pool, where rest and relaxation can be enjoyed aiding your body in the removal of pollutants and helping to purify your skin. Steam sauna is a great complement to swimming conditioning workouts.


With its 8 swimming lanes, AquaCity’s 50-metre swimming pool is an ideal place for sports recovery and training. The pool also meets the required standards for organising top competitions in swimming or water polo.

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