Visiting rules

Visiting rules

Every visitor is obliged to familiarise themselves with these rules and regulations at the entrance to the area and follow them. All current instructions in Aquapark Poprad, (next only as “Company”) override the general instructions and are in accordance with the generally applicable health and safety regulations.

1. Entry to the premises of the complex
Entry is only permitted during opening hours with a valid ticket and an electronic chip that every visitor buys at the check desk.

  1. Every visitor receives an electronic chip with debit on it, in which cashless services draws in resort areas, including catering services.
  2. In case of electronic chip loss visitor must pay the sum of €60.00.
  3. Access to the area is a one-off.
  4. Opening hours of the water park is from 8:00am to 9:00pm; unless otherwise specified, for example during the summer season.
  5. Persons under 15 are allowed to enter the premises only when accompanied by a person over 18 years.
  6. Access to the vital world is not permitted for children under 12 years, and for children 12 to 15 years only when accompanied by an adult over 18 years old.
  7. Changing in changing cabins is solely permitted for one person only, unless stated otherwise (parent with a child, disabled visitors).
  8. Each visitor receives upon entry into the vital world a sheet. The sauna and the entrance to the sauna world is only possible in the sheet. When entering the steam sauna at the 50m pool customers are not entitled to a sheet. Visitors may use their own towels. It is forbidden to carry shoes, bathrobes and personal belongings into the sauna.
  9. The area or part thereof may be on certain days or hours reserved for organised groups, actions or companies. During this time, bathing and using the services by the public is limited.
  10. Last entry to the water park is permitted 60 minutes before closing hours.
  11. Money, documents or valuables, visitors can store in a safe next to the upper cash desks. If a visitor does not lock their money, documents or valuables in the safe, the “Company” shall not be liable for any loss that may arise.

2. Operating Instructions for visitors

  1. All visitors are required before entering the pool to use the showers, toilet and only pass through the hygiene foot pool.
  2. Access to all the pools is only permitted in a swimming costume, it is forbidden to carry food, clothing and other shoes than anti-sliping ones around the paved areas of the swimming pools.
  3. Visitors can dress or undress only in the provided areas, locker rooms are available for changing with a shower and WC.
  4. Operators shall not be held liable for valuables left in the changing rooms. Therefore, it is not recommended to take valuable objects and large sums of money into Aquapark.
  5. In urgent cases, visitors can use a safety deposit box by the upper cash desk for a fee.
  6. Every visitor is required to ensure compliance with hygiene, not damage equipment and assets of the “Company”, not to waste water, not to bother other visitors, not to cause excessive noise, and in the event of damage to property of the “Company” or to other visitors to the area, such damage is required to be fully paid for.
  7. Every visitor is required to follow life guard orders and other employees of the „Company” in the interests of health and safety to prevent injury or accidents.
  8. Accidents caused by violation of the operating rules and generally binding regulations, either by themselves or to a third party each visitor is responsible for in its entirety and the “Company” does not bear any responsibility for it.
  9. Injuries or any damages to health caused by own carelessness or risk-taking “Company” bears no responsibility for.
  10. All attractions are used by visitors at their own risk and must comply with the guidelines of a lifeguard and other staff.
  11. The “Company” does not take any responsibility for excessive wear of swimsuits because of the frequent use of toboggans and water slides.
  12. 50m swimming pool may only be used by swimmers. For non-swimmers only part of the pool is intended, which is signed. Children under 15 can only use the swimming pool if accompanied by an adult.
  13. Children’s pool may only be used by children under 10 accompanied by an adult; admission to the children’s pool for older persons is prohibited.
  14. Visitors are obliged to leave the pool and sauna no later than 15 minutes before closing hours.
  15. Visitors are obliged before leaving the changing rooms to leave the lockers open and unlocked.
  16. Every visitor agrees without further notice to the free use of their photo as part of any video recording, transmission or reproduction for commercial purposes in connection with water paradise AquaCity.

3. Prohibitions, restrictions and warnings

  1. For safety reasons it is prohibited to carry hygiene products or drinks in glass containers.
  2. It is forbidden to jump into the pool outside spaces designated for it, and run along the paths and around the pools, screaming, whistling, making unnecessary noise, shoving each other, diving and unreasonably call for help.
  3. It is forbidden to spit into the water and in the whole water park complex, pee into the pool, throw away waste or dirty the premises in any other way.
  4. Smoking is prohibited in the area, with the exception of places reserved for it.
  5. It is forbidden to use and to carry sharp objects and glass things, which could cause a risk of injury or accident.
  6. It is forbidden to enter pools and water slides with food, drink or chewing gum, bracelets, watches, which could damage the water slide.
  7. It is prohibited to use the unauthorised rescue equipment and first aid items.
  8. It is forbidden to use tennis balls and swimming fins in the pool, only inflatable toys and swimming goggles are allowed.
  9. It is forbidden to move deck chairs and other equipment, inventory of the “Company” and damage property of the operator.
  10. It is forbidden to carry and use guns.
  11. Parents or accompanying adults are responsible for the behaviour and actions of their children or accompanying persons and in violation of operating rules or other prohibition, the operator is not responsible for possible accident or injury.
  12. It is prohibited to enter the water park zones, which are separated by fixed or mobile barricades marked with “no entry” signs. Every visitor is responsible for breaching this rule even an adult who is accompanying a child.
  13. The violation of any prohibitions of the operating procedure or of any other prohibition within the water park area may be granted a procedural fine and expulsion from the property without refund of the entry fee.
  14. Access to the children’s playground is at one’s own responsibility, entry for children under 12 years without parents supervision is prohibited.
  15. In case of bad weather such as storms or strong winds, visitors for security reasons must leave the pool.
  16. If a visitor decides to leave the area early due to bad weather, the operator is not obliged to pay the entrance fee refund, or compensate in any other way.
  17. Due to hygiene reasons, consumption of own meals and drinks throughout the area is banned, food and beverages purchased in the complex can be consumed on the premises for this purpose.

4. Premises exclusion of visitors

  1. Person suffering from any infectious disease or skin disease, ie, persons suffering from fever, cough, conjunctivitis, persons suffering from contagious diseases or diseases that are contraindicated residing in facilities of this type are not permitted in any areas of the premises.
  2. Entry is forbidden for a person found to have symptoms of not keeping personal hygiene.
  3. Entry is forbidden for a person under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. It is forbidden to even enter with any alcohol onto the premises.
  4. Entry may be refused to those who, despite a warning, show aggressive and uncontrollable behaviour violating visiting rules, do not comply with hygiene and safety rules and their behaviour is inconsistent with ethical and social principles.
  5. A person who violates any of the principles of the regulation or repeatedly disobey instructions of the staff may at any time and without refund of entry fee be dismissed from the premises.
  6. In extreme cases, depending on the severity and nature of the offence the operator shall request security authorities to intervene and grant financial sanctions.
  7. Animals are not allowed in the whole area of Aquapark.
  8. Management of Aquapark Poprad, Ltd. have the right to refuse entry to AquaCity Poprad to unwanted persons.